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Protect Your Home & Assets

Ensure your dryer operates safely and efficiently with regular lint removal.

Our specialized team will thoroughly clean your dryer’s vent and ductwork, reducing fire hazards and boosting your dryer’s performance. The advantages of routine lint removal include:

  • Lowered fire risk

  • Enhanced energy efficiency

  • Better performance

  • Energy cost savings

  • Extended appliance lifespan

  • Better air quality

Locally Operated & Managed

Thorough Lint Removal Service

Lint Patrol is run by a dedicated couple serving the New Haven, CT community. At Lint Patrol, we focus on delivering prompt, top-notch services through thorough work. We make sure your dryer is safe, efficient, and fully cleaned.

We are specialists in dryer vent cleaning in New Haven CT, including East Haven and West Haven.

Enhancing Safety and Efficiency with Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning

It is critical to maintain your New Haven home’s dryer system, which includes regular vent and duct cleaning and lint removal. This necessary upkeep not only improves your dryer’s efficiency and lifespan but also significantly lowers fire risks. Lint, the tiny fibers that collect in your dryer and its vents, are highly flammable. Neglecting to remove these fibers can lead to severe fire hazards.

Startling statistics from the U.S. Fire Administration indicate that nearly 80% of over 15,000 annual structural fires are caused by clogged dryer vents. Thankfully, such dangers can be completely avoided. At Lint Patrol in New Haven, our proficient vent cleaning experts focus on eliminating lint, securing a safer home environment and more effective dryer operation.

Expert Dryer System Installation Services in New Haven

Whether you are building your ideal home or remodeling your laundry area, Lint Patrol’s expertise isn’t limited to just duct cleaning. We offer extensive dryer system installation services throughout New Haven, CT, including West Haven and East Haven. Our experienced team, equipped with essential skills and tools, ensures a secure setup of your dryer and its components, complying with all local and national safety standards. Our commitment to exceptional client service and high-quality craftsmanship is evident in every installation job.

Our comprehensive installation services include:

  • Complete system setup
  • Installation of ducts, vents, and fans
  • System layout planning

Our certified professionals are engaged from the planning stage to the final inspection, adhering to strict safety protocols to protect both the property and its occupants.

Dryer Vent Repair for Optimal Performance

Ongoing dryer vent repair and maintenance are essential to keep your dryers running at optimal efficiency and to reduce service disruptions. At Lint Patrol, we offer an annual maintenance plan for our commercial clients in New Haven, CT, including regular cleanings, scheduled upkeep, and quick repairs to minimize downtime.

Before establishing a service contract, our experts evaluate your specific needs. This tailored approach ensures that your dryers operate smoothly and effectively all year round.

Our maintenance services include:

  • Dryer vent repair and installation
  • Cleaning of booster fans
  • Service for bathroom exhausts

Our aim is to deliver dryers that are efficient, clean, and safe. We focus on preventive strategies to avoid potential problems, and our extensive duct cleaning, dryer vent repair, and regular vent maintenance services reflect this commitment. Contact us for all your dryer requirements.

Our Services

We cater to both commercial and residential clients. Our objective is to provide dependable services and ensure our customers trust our professionalism. Our goal: to maintain every dryer system in perfect, safe, and efficient condition.

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